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This is a very beautiful story, continued… once more

By April 25, 2022May 5th, 2022Television, Writing

So, my Leo was with Brian, in Ireland, and I was parted from him for ever. But… But remember this unforgettable moment? 

I already had an intimate relationship with this creature.

Could he stand in for Leo? Fluttering of the heart… hope… But where was this bunny now? I guess in some props store at Thames TV? But no, that’s impossible. Thames TV has been trashed flat, bulldozed. Hopeless.    

And, on second thoughts, if you take a closer shufti at this character, he’s a bit coarse, a bit of a bruiser. Would I really want him as a life companion? Hmm.  

And then, and then… miraculously, sweet Rosalind came into my life.

Rosalind Rabbit

All this and more in Are You going to do That Little Jump? The Adventure Continues.

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