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1933  Born Lille, France

1940  Arrived Plymouth, England

1948-50  School plays: The Critic, The Miser, The Haunted House

1951  Figures of Fate, Library Theatre Manchester

1951-3  RADA

1952  A Comedy of Errors (dir. Ann Jellicoe)

1953-55  Old Vic

1954  Rosmersholm (dir. Ann Jellicoe)

1956  The Sheep Well, The Good Soldier Schweik, An Italian Straw Hat, Theatre Workshop, Theatre Royal Stratford (dir. Joan Littlewood)

1956  Jesus of Nazareth, the disciple Matthew, Series, BBC TV

1956  Case Dismissed, Associated-Rediffusion TV

1956  The Black Brigand, Series, BBC TV

1956&7  Royal Court Theatre (The English Stage Company), season

1957  A Night to Remember (Film)

1957  The Warrant Officer, BBC TV

1958  Hand in Glove, Worthing

1958  Saturday Night at the Crown, Worthing

1958  Order to View, Worthing

1958  Shadow Squad, Granada TV

1958  The Square Peg (Film)

1958  Miss Em, Associated-Rediffusion TV

1959  Major Barbara, Royal Court Theatre

1960  Escape, BBC TV

1960  Limes From Sicily, BBC TV

1960  The Haunted House, BBC TV

1961  The Alan King Show, BBC TV

1961  Ladies From a Spa (Series They Came to a City, dir. Hal Burton), BBC TV

1961  The Alan Young Show, BBC TV

1961-6  Mermaid Theatre, various plays inc. Treasure Island, Shoemaker’s Holiday, Left-Handed Liberty, Dandy Dick, Fanny’s First Play, The Beaver Coat

1962  The Caucasian Chalk Circle, BBC TV

1962  Antigone, BBC TV

1962  The Secret of the World, Theatre Royal, Stratford (after Littlewood)

1962  Hotel Paradiso, BBC TV

1962  They Hanged My Saintly Billy, BBC TV

1963  Siege of the Saxons (Film)

1963  I’m Not Stopping, BBC TV

1963  Wormwood, BBC TV

1963  The Queen and the Rebels, BBC TV

1963  A Consumer Guide to Religions, That Was The Week That Was (Writing), BBC TV

1963  Semi-Detached (Directing), Lincoln

1964  Crane, Associated-Rediffusion TV

1964  Maigret, BBC TV

1964  Kipling (The Head of the District), BBC TV

1964  The Caucasian Chalk Circle, BBC TV

1965  The Shoemaker’s Holiday, Mermaid (Directing)

1965  The Drinking Party (dir. Jonathan Miller), BBC TV

1966  Dr Knock, BBC TV

1966  Mr Sludge, the Medium, BBC TV

1967  Beggar My Neighbour, BBC TV

1967  To Kill a Saint (TV Film)

1967  The Caine Mutiny Court Martial, Glasgow Citizens

1967  Comedy Playhouse, BBC TV

1967  Danger Island, STV

1967  Romeo and Juliet, BBC TV

1967  The Glory of Llewellyn Smiley, Associated-Rediffusion TV

1967  Lucky Jim, BBC TV

1967  Vendetta, BBC TV

1968  The Hero Rises Up (written & directed by John Arden), Roundhouse

1968  Otley (Film)

1968  Light Blue, BBC TV

1968  Hugh and I Spy, BBC TV

1968  Captain Fantastic, Thames TV

1968  Harry Worth, BBC TV

1968  Honey Lane, ATV

1968  Avengers (Have Guns Will Haggle), ABC TV

1969  Mr Digby Darling, Yorkshire TV

1969  Dixon of Dock Green, BBC TV

1970  Vile Bodies, BBC TV

1970  Up Pompeii, BBC TV

1970  Every Home Should Have One (Film)

1970  Doomwatch, BBC TV

1970-72  Mr. Joyce is Leaving Paris (Directing), Basement Theatre, Dublin Theatre Festival, King’s Head

1970 Tottering Towers, series STV

1970  A Severed Head (Film)

1970  The Right Prospectus, BBC TV

1971  The Love Songs of Martha Canary (Directing), King’s Head

1971  The Kapo (Directing), Basement Theatre

1971  Rasputin, BBC TV

1971  Z Cars, BBC TV

1971  The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins (Film)

1971  Catch Me a Spy (Film)

1971  The Great Escape Part 2 (Film), BFI Scott Free Enterprises

1971  Rentadick (Film)

1972  Carry On Up the Front (Film)

1972  Dad’s Army, BBC TV

1972  Salutations, Young Vic

1972  His and Hers, Yorkshire TV

1972  New Scotland Yard, LTV

1972-3  Revival! (Directing), Dublin, King’s Head,

1972  Let’s Murder Vivaldi, The Problem, (Directing), King’s Head

1972  The Adventurers (TV Film)

1972  Mr. Joyce is Leaving Paris (Co-directed, Film)

1972  The National Health (Film)

1973-4 Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? BBC TV

1973  Schellenbrack (Directing), King’s Head

1973  All Our Saturdays, Yorkshire TV

1973  The Kids from 47A, ATV

1973  Freewheelers, series, STV

1973  Napoleon, Session 2 (Writing, Directing), Orange Tree

1973  The Only Street (Directing), Dublin, & King’s Head

1974  Marked Personal, Thames TV

1974  The Man Who Knew He Was Jesus Christ (Directing), King’s Head

1974  Twigs (Directing), Dublin

1974  Churchill’s People, BBC TV

1974  Porridge, BBC TV

1974  The Life of Riley, Granada TV

1974  The Sweeney (TV Film)

1974  Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (Film)

1974  No Strings, BBC TV

1974  The Public Eye, Thames TV

1975  Paradise, Royal Court

1975  Rising Damp, Yorkshire TV

1975  Sadie It’s Cold Outside, Thames TV

1975  Volunteers! (Directing), Abbey Theatre, Dublin

1975  Chocolate Cake (Directing), King’s Head

1975  Gone Away, Thames TV

1975  The Sea-Horse (Directing), Dublin

1975  The Good Life, BBC TV

1975  Private Lives (Directing), Dublin

1975  Survivors, BBC TV

1975-9  The Dick Emery Show, BBC TV

1975  Hogg’s Back, STV

1975  Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads, BBC Radio

1975  Galbraith and the King of Diamonds, BBC Radio

1975  Couples, Thames TV

1976  At the Earth’s Core (Film)

1976  A Slight Accident (Directing), Orange Tree

1976  The Liver Birds, BBC TV

1976  Lord Peter Wimsey, BBC Radio

1976  Witnesses, BBC TV

1976  Spokesong (Directing), King’s Head

1976  Softly, Softly, BBC TV

1976  A Streetcar Named Desire (Directing), Theatre Royal Norwich

1976  Rosie, BBC TV

1976  Van der Valk, Thames TV

1976  Happy Ever After, BBC TV

1976  The New Avengers, The Last of the Cybernauts (TV Film)

1976-7  Robin’s Nest, Thames TV

1977  Spokesong (Directing), transfer to Vaudeville Theatre

1977  Warship, BBC TV

1977  A Roof Over My Head, BBC TV

1977  Galbraith and the Midas Touch, Series, BBC Radio

1977  Give Us a Kiss, Christabel (TV Film)

1977  Da (Directing), King’s Head

1977  Albert and Me, BBC Radio

1977  Midnight is a Place, Series, STV

1977  Spokesong (Directing), touring Holland and Belgium

1977  George and Mildred, Thames TV

1977  Naught for Thy Comfort, Yorkshire TV

1977  Angels, BBC TV

1977  It Ain’t ‘Alf ’Ot Mum, BBC TV

1977  Oedipus at the Crossroads (Directing), King’s Head

1977  Return of the Saint (TV Film)

1977  The Professionals, LWT

1977  Our Day Out, BBC TV

1978  The Thirty-Nine Steps (Film)

1978  Dreamboats, Thames TV

1978  Crime on the Knock, BBC Radio

1978  Period of Adjustment (Directing), King’s Head

1978  Born and Bred, BBC TV

1978  The Prisoner of Zenda (Film)

1978  Spokesong (Directing), UK tour & return to King’s Head

1978  Selwyn, Yorkshire TV

1978  The Sadrina Project (TV Film)

1978  Whodunnit, Thames TV

1978  Bonfire (Directing), Dublin

1978  A Soft Touch, ATV

1978  The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, BBC TV

1978  Butterflies, BBC TV

1978  The Glums, LWT

1978  Bristow, LWT

1978  Leave it to Charlie, Granada TV

1978  Room Service, Thames TV

1978  How’s Your Father? Yorkshire TV

1978  Force 10 From Navarone (Film)

1979  Da (Directing), Greenwich Theatre

1979  Away From the Light, BBC Radio

1979  Play it Again, Sam (Directing), UK tour

1979  Give or Take, BBC Radio

1979  Agony, LWT

1979  Secret Army, BBC TV

1979  Fearless Frank (Directing), King’s Head

1979  Only When I Laugh, Yorkshire TV

1979  Sherlock Holmes (TV Film)

1980-1  Dangerous Corner (Directing), Ambassadors Theatre, Peter Bridge Productions

1980  Catchpenny Twist (Directing), King’s Head

1980-3  Keep It in the Family, five Series, written for RG by Brian Cooke, Thames TV

1980  Mary’s Wife, BBC TV

1980  Beyond the Book, BBC Radio

1980  Fearless Frank (Directing), Princess Theatre, New York

1980  Tony’s, BBC Radio

1982  Dangerous Corner (Directing), Cameri Theatre, Israel

1982  Singles Weekend, LWT

1983  Outlaw (Directing), UK Tour

1983  Noises Off (Directing), Cameri Theatre, Israel

1984  ‘Night, Mother (Directing), Cameri Theatre, Israel

1984-5 I  Woke Up One Morning, Series, BBC TV

1985  Swimming Pools at War (Directing), Offstage Downstairs

1985  Beside the Sea, Theatre Royal, Windsor

1985  An Englishman’s Humour (Directing), Peter Jones, one-man show

1986  Marlowe (Directing), King’s Head

1988  Starting Out, Central TV

1986  I Ought to be in Pictures (Directing), Offstage Downstairs

1988  Blind Justice, BBC TV

1989  Latin, by Stephen Fry, Creditors, by Strindberg (Directing), New End Theatre

1989-9  Bishop, BBC Radio

1990  Heil Honey, I’m Home, Galaxy TV

1990  Tales From Macedonia, RV Films-Europe TV

1990  Inmates, BBC TV

1991  A Jovial Crew, National Theatre Studio

1991  The Rose Tattoo, Playhouse Theatre, West End

1991  So You Think You’ve Got Troubles, Alomo Productions, BBC TV

1993  Bonjour La Classe, BBC TV

1994  Zorn (Film)

1994-6  Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Broken Heart, Zenobia,  Royal Shakespeare Company

1997  The Prince of Denmark Hill (Film)

1999  Bozo (Film)

1999  The Lower Depths, Cardboard Citizens

1999-01  My Heart (Writing, Directing, Performing), London & around

2001  Mincemeat (first production), Cardboard Citizens

2004  Making Dickie Happy (directing), Rosemary Branch

2005  Making Dickie Happy (directing), revival, Warehouse Theatre, Croydon

2009  Mincemeat (second production), Cardboard Citizens, also BBC Radio

2009 No Signal (TV Film)

2010-11  Love, Question Mark (Writing, Directing), New Diorama, Courtyard Theatre, Old Sorting Office Barnes, Tabard Theatre

2013  Making Dickie Happy (directing), revival, Tristan Bates Theatre, The Actors Centre

2013  Portia (Writing, Directing), Women’s Theatre Festival, Tristan Bates Theatre, The Actors Centre

2013  New Tricks, BBC TV

2014  Oedipus Retold (directing), revival, Tristan Bates Theatre, The Actors Centre

2014  Shaw’s Women (directing), Tristan Bates Theatre, The Actors Centre

2015  Joan of Arc (Film)

2016  The Red Baron (Writing, Directing), RAF Museum, Hendon

2017  Broken, BBC TV

2017  Lost in London (film), Woody Harrelson

2018  Peterloo (Film), Mike Leigh