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The Hungarian Count, part eleven

Tucked in among my books, I found a publisher’s copy of Twelve Hundred Hostages. There was some blurb…

In execution, the play might just about stand up as a time-warped addition to the Tales From the Arabian Nights. It echoes the manner of ‘experimental’ theatre of the 1940s – might have crept on at the New Lindsey Theatre, Notting Hill. But it is boiling with a dozen philosophical, societal, moral and religious concepts – none of which the author has the skill to integrate into a producible theatre narrative – despite all his familiarity, through translating major successful authors, with modern theatre writing.

But a fascinating man…  and here he is in person:

And here’s a bit of associated flotsam…

Anna’s trade mark.

You never know who might be interested.

But I never expected to hear from – or of – Count N. Wenckheim again.

But then, the other day, this:

I decided, on a whim, to trawl the net for traces of the Count and fell upon a service that offers to track residents of cities. For payment, they will delve deeper… into court appearances etc. etc.

And so…

Nicholas C Wenckheim from New York, NY
Age: 98 years old (now 100)

 Also known as:
Mr Nicholas C Wenckheim, Mr Nicholas Wenckheim, Nicholas Wenckheim

It was enough to know that he was still alive – at this time of writing. I was reminded of his wry comment about needing to live to the age of Methuselah to see his plays performed. Well, clearly, he was around for that production of the Wallenberg saga staged by the Harold Clurman Theatre, New York, in September 1995.

In more detail:
Gender: Male
Born: February, 1923
Marital status: Married 

Count Wenckheim New York, NY
Dorothea L Blum Age: 100-105 * New York, NY
Phone Number:
(212) 759-5353
Landline 2012-2020

530 Park Ave, Apt 6A, New York, NY, 10065-8058

Home type:
Multiple Family Dwelling Unit

Home Owner:
Residence since 2012

Past addresses:
Apt 6a, New York, NY, 10065-8058
530 Park Ave, New York, NY, 10065-8058

Records found for Nicholas Wenckheim
Nicholas C Wenckheim
New York, NY
Dorothea Countess Wenckheim

Neighbours for Nicholas Wenckheim
There were even lists of neighbours and associates, but it would not be right to risk disturbing them. The service asserts that it has found no-one of the same name anywhere. 

End Part Eleven and the story.