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The Hungarian Count, part four

We were at the height of the Cold War when Wenckheim was writing, so global fear of the possibility of a nuclear exchange, and the resulting effects of radiation on the surviving population, were at their most alarming.

Nevertheless, what began to interest me was that this writer was prepared to fling damning accusations in the direction of a gigantic global power whatever the truth… Why?

Here are some extracts from the Xerox mentioned above (click to enlarge).

Above are pages sent me by Wenckheim from what he calls the Shifrin report. It is interesting that the Watergate fracas was building up nicely, just at this time. Here are further pages, bracketed by Wenckheim (click to enlarge).

The reader will note that the name Wallenberg is mentioned right from the start.

It will be seen that all this exchange of correspondence was taking its time. A great deal of other stuff – of course – was going on in life (as you’ll note if you read Are You Going to do That Little Jump? – The Adventure Continues).

We met Jacqueline Peyron – a small, compact lady (if I recall correctly) d’un certain âge, dressed in dark hues and she did, indeed, hand over another text by Nicholas Wenckheim entitled Wallenburg. She confirmed that the first English version of Wrangel Island that Nicholas had sent me was hers. And, from her, we got the first hint of what Nicholas was like. Very productive as a writer in Argentina, very distinguished, a true European aristocrat, very bitter, very angry.

Nicholas was also a man in a hurry, and we received this.

End Part Four