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Dan Crawford King's Head Islington

History shmistory!

By Little Jump, Sitcom, Television
The King’s Head pub theatre Islington has given its last performance and people who weren’t there are telling us how it started and… EVERYTHING about it. But that’s the rub – they weren’t there and don’t know what really happened…
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Reginald Perrin Boxing Scene

Bizarre Boxing

By Little Jump, Sitcom, Television
This must be one of David Nobbs’ most bizarre inventions. There’s our wife, Pauline Yates – acting as a boxing referee, I think. And I see that Geoffrey Palmer is in this boxing scene. (I was his patient in Butterflies.)…
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Playing a gasman

By Acting, Sitcom, Television
This scene looks effortless. I doubt if anyone could guess that it took Len Rossiter several rehearsals, and then patient persuasion in the studio, to get his props sorted and the shots to make sense for the comedy to work…
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